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Patrik Antonius in India; PokerBaazi announces ‘Game Changer’

Patrik Antonius in India; PokerBaazi announces ‘Game Changer’

Finland’s high stakes poker star, Patrik Antonius, DewaPoker continues his tour around the world with a visit to India, and the Indian online poker room PokerBaazi announces their latest ‘Game Changer.’

Patrik Antonius in India; PokerBaazi Announces ‘Game Changer’Holy shit!

People born in Finland during the 1970s are at risk of catching measles after The National Institute for Health and Welfare admitted that vaccinations were a bit spotty given the rarity of the infection {no pun intended}.

Government Ministers and Doctors are urging Finnish people born in that era to book an appointment for a jab, pronto.


Where’s Patrik Antonius?

We can’t have that pretty face covered in bright red blotches.

Patrik Antonius Surfaces in India

You can hardly call 2018 a Breakout Year for the high stakes genius, but with close to $5m in live tournament earnings, more than double anything he has earned in an annual haul before, we could tread footsteps in that direction.

Something’s brewing and I’m not talking about my mother-in-law’s artichoke tea. Antonius has played everything this year from the HKD 2m Super High Roller Bowl China (where he finished second to Justin Bonomo for $3.1m) to the €550 Battle of Malta (where he earned the inside of a balloon) to the 3-man €25k Super High Roller at the Master Classic of Poker in Amsterdam (winning more air).

So where is the man the Gods carved out of the prettiest stones in Eden?


According to a much better piece than this written by a scribe over at CardsChat, Antonius, is on the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa as a guest of the Indian online gaming company Delta Corp Ltd.

Delta Corp Ltd is celebrating ten years in the business with a lavish party full of pretty looking food, expensive poisons and a variety of high stakes gambling action.

Adda52 is hosting the poker game.

Bollywood stars are in tow.

And right in the middle of the lot is a man who might have measles.

Such irresponsibility.

I ought to smack his bum.

Can, I, please, smack his bum?

PokerBaazi Announces India’s Biggest Online Poker Tournament

Adda52 is the largest online poker room in India.

PokerBaazi is #2.

The #2 online poker room in India is planning to launch the richest individual poker tournament in the country’s history with the INR11,000 ($155) buy-in, 2 Crore ($283,425) Guaranteed ‘Game Changer.’

{Note, those numbers look so tiny, I have almost certainly cocked this up}.

The winner of the Game Changer is guaranteed to walk away with a dead dog, a cure for suicide and 50 Lac ($70,850).

The date of the event is as shrouded in mystery, as the contents of Antonius’s measles vaccination.

PokerBaazi also announced the schedule for the Winter Edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) due to take place Dec 10-16. The online poker room is guaranteeing 5 Crore ($707,950) for that one. It’s the site’s biggest ever online series, with 34-events, including a 1 Crore ($140,000) GTD Main Event and an INR 27,500 ($390) High Roller carrying a 50 Lac ($70,850) GTD.

It will be the fourth PPL.

The winner of the leaderboard race wins a Harley Davidson.

Could Man Utd sneak into the Champions Club as a replacement for Man City?

Could Man Utd sneak into the Champions Club as a replacement for Man City?

In an ironic twist of bad boy syndrome, Manchester United Poker88 could find a Narnian wardrobe way into the Champions League if Manchester City is found guilty of breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations (again).

Could Man Utd sneak into the Champions Club as a replacement for Man City?As a United fan, I wanted Joe Mourinho steering our ship. If anyone had the lobsters to get the prawn sandwich brigade delivering an Icelandic Thunder Clap, it was the Special One.

The honeymoon is over.

I’m fed up of the moans, the groans, the excuses, his lack of integrity, his lineups, his ego.

A few weeks ago, Mourinho told the press that he harboured hopes of sneaking into the Top 4 of the English Premier League (EPL) by the time the whole world went into debt buying kids crap they don’t even need.

Man Utd 0 v 0 Crystal Palace

Southampton 2 v 2 Man Utd.

Man Utd 2 v 2 Arsenal.

Top 4?

There’s more chance of a mobster walking into an Italian restaurant with a violin case that contains a violin.

But what about the fifth spot?

Now that’s much more doable.

Man City Facing Possible Champions League Ban

Speaking in Dublin during the draw for the 2020 UEFA European Championships, UEFA president, Aleksandr Ceferin promised action ‘very soon’ after allegations resurfaced that Man City had used a Rorschach Test worth of insincere inkblots to fade Financial Fair Play Regulations even going as far as calling it a Concrete Case.

If found guilty, UEFA officials could kick the EPL title holders out of the Champions League should the Citizens qualify for the event by finishing in the Top 4 of the EPL this season.


And there is already a precedent.

UEFA banned Galatasaray from Europe for a single season in March 2016 after breaking FFP rules centred on the levels of financial losses allowed. The Turkish nutters would have played in the Europa League. Osmanlispor, who finished fifth in the Süper Lig, replaced them.

The case stretches back four years when UEFA fined City £49m for breaching FFP rules. Last year, UEFA sweated the fine down to £18m after City met the terms of the 2014 settlement.

You can blame the German rag Der Spiegel for putting the snake back in the grass after publishing ten articles over the past fortnight, claiming that the whistleblowing Football Leaks site had laid their hands on internal documents showing more evidence of wrongdoing that UEFA had not yet seen.

The main bones of contention appear to be former City boss Roberto Mancini paid a £1.45m salary through the City books, but a further £1.75m paid by Al Jazira Sports and Cultural Club, owned by City owner Sheik Mansour.

Other potential powder kegs include selling image rights of players to a shell company called Fordham Sports Management to cut wage spending from City’s Operating Expenditure and allegations of irregularities involving the payment processing of the Etihad sponsorship deal.

Article 4.08 of UEFA’s ‘Admission criteria and procedure’ states: “A club which is not admitted to the competition is replaced by the next best-placed club in the top domestic championship of the same association, provided the new club fulfils the admission criteria.”

City, who sit two points clear of Liverpool at the apex of the EPL is the 1/4 favourite to retain their Premier League crown, and 1/1000 to finish in the Top 4.

Odds Top 4

Man City 1/1000
Liverpool 1/50
Chelsea 2/7
Spurs 4/9
Arsenal 4/5
Man Utd 6/1

United, who last night drew 2-2 with fellow Champions League qualification rivals Arsenal at Old Trafford, are a 6/1 shot to make the Final Four, but those odds would shorten dramatically should UEFA tie barbells around the ankles of Pep Guardiola and co and push them into the Manchester Ship Canal.

City is also the 7/2 favourite to win the Champions League.

Champions League Winning Odds

Man City 7/2
Barcelona 5/1
Juventus 5/1
PSG 8/1

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Bagaimana transformasi sepakbola dapat memengaruhi Judi Bola Online

Musim ini, masuknya Amazon dan Eleven Sports telah secara drastis mengubah lanskap penyiaran sepakbola Inggris, sesuatu yang bisa berdampak signifikan terhadap kepentingan taruhan para penonton Inggris.Judi Bola

Sementara saham Amazon berada di Liga Premier, itu tersebar di hanya dua putaran permainan dan karena itu tidak mungkin memiliki dampak besar pada pola taruhan. Di sisi lain, Eleven Sports telah merebut hak penuh untuk Seri A dan La Liga, dua liga yang memiliki nilai taruhan signifikan untuk operator Inggris, yang cenderung mengawasi dengan seksama bagaimana penyiar menggunakan hak tersebut.Poker88


Sesuatu yang segera terlihat berkaitan dengan cara penyiar, yang dimiliki oleh ketua Leeds United, Andrea Radrizzani, sedang streaming sepak bola musim ini, adalah bahwa platform ini hanya tersedia melalui aplikasi seluler atau situs web perusahaan dan tidak melalui saluran TV, sesuatu yang mungkin menjadi beban bagi generasi penggemar yang lebih tua.Jasa Bola

Jeevan Jeyaratnam dari Abelson Info berkomentar: "Ada korelasi positif yang kuat antara pendapatan taruhan dan aksesibilitas pemirsa, jadi ada sedikit keraguan bahwa La Liga dan Serie A, keduanya sebelumnya memberikan minat taruhan yang sangat kuat, akan menderita dari keputusan yang sangat dipertanyakan untuk menjual hak-haknya. ke layanan tidak terdaftar (di Inggris). Tanpa platform yang jelas, bar Facebook dan situs / aplikasi internetnya sendiri adalah tindakan yang sangat merusak untuk ligabet88


Menganalisis iklim saat ini untuk penyiaran sepak bola di Inggris dan bagaimana kami berakhir dalam situasi ini, ia melanjutkan: “BT dan Sky cukup tepat untuk tidak membayar lebih untuk liga ini, dan jadi Anda harus bertanya-tanya bagaimana Sebelas Sports mungkin membenarkan pembayaran seperti itu biaya besar. Pendapatan iklan dan angka kepemirsaan mereka dijamin jauh, jauh lebih sedikit daripada platform komersial yang mapan, dan ini harus menyangkut liga yang telah menjual jiwa mereka untuk dorongan moneter jangka pendek.Bola168

“Sebelas Olahraga, dalam komunikasi mereka sejauh ini, telah terus-menerus mendukung bahwa mereka masih mencoba untuk mengatur kesepakatan platform di Inggris, kemungkinan akan melalui Sky / BT / Virgin, tetapi kurangnya kesepakatan semacam itu menunjukkan bahwa perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut tidak hanya tidak suka untuk mematuhi. Sulit untuk menyalahkan mereka. ”Raja Poker

Eleven Sports juga menyiarkan kejuaraan PGA Championship AS, namun Jeyaratnam menggarisbawahi bahwa reaksi yang berlebihan terhadap liputan itu adalah salah satu dari "cemas", menambahkan: "Jika Sebelas Olahraga akan membuatnya sampai akhir musim pertama mereka akan harus secara substansial meningkatkan tindakan mereka. "

Ke depan, ia berbagi antisipasi tentang bagaimana penyiar mapan masih bisa datang ke dalam campuran sebelum puncak musim. Dia berkata: "Ada kemungkinan bahwa percobaan ini akan menjadi bumerang dan BT Sports atau Sky akan berakhir dengan mengambil potongan untuk tingkat knockdown, itu mungkin taktik permainan menunggu dari mereka, keduanya tahu bahwa cakupan EPL & Liga Champions mereka adalah penting." cukup untuk mempertahankan pangsa pasar.

"Situasi ini menjadi perhatian bagi industri, seolah-olah hanya sedikit yang menonton, bahkan lebih sedikit lagi adalah taruhan rekreasi."Link alternatif Sbobet

Musim lalu, rata-rata 19 pertandingan ditunjukkan dari Serie A dan La Liga saja, itu berarti dengan penyiar hanya berencana untuk menampilkan hingga 20 pertandingan langsung mingguan dan juga mendapatkan hak atas Dutch Eredivisie, Liga Super China dan Allsvenskan Swedia, akan ada pengurangan nyata dalam jumlah sepakbola langsung yang ditawarkan kepada khalayak UK. Itu dikatakan, perusahaan telah terus bersumpah untuk memastikan itu membawa game terbesar ke pasar Inggris.